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Undercustoms was incorporated with a vision of providing what should have been a primary offering by most consulting firms, Quality resources / deliverables, the attribute which has been lost by many in a race towards profitability & headcounts. We still retain it. Undercustoms has been assisting clients big or small, that are serious about increasing profits and decreasing costs using practical technology solutions suiting client requisites.

  • Beguiled and demoralized.
  • Handle all trouble of work.
  • Dedicated consulting solutions.


We offer courses in 3 different levels.

The Specialised accountant at Undercustoms will prepare and maintain the books of accounts for your business with the data provided by the customer. All the customer needs is to provide the documents and data so that it can be entered in the Accounting software.

You can provide us the documents either by:
1. Scanning the documents and uploading it on to the Customer Portal from your computer/ laptop with the user id provided to you.
2. Clicking the picture of the documents from your smartphone and uploading it directly through the Undercustoms Mobile application.

The requirement of the documents depend upon the nature of business and after detailed discussion on the business processes. The general documents that are required include the below:
1. Sale Invoices
2. Purchase Bills
3. Bills for expenses and utilities
4. Bank and loan account statements
5. Cheque counter foils
6. Petty cash book
7. Salary sheets, etc.

The customer has the option to send Request for reports from the Customer portal. The detail of reports can either be selected from the options available on the portal such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, Ledger account statements, etc., or it can be customised depending on the requirement.
Further, the customer has the option to directly pull the reports from the accounting software through the access provided to them.


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